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Bring your funny holiday story and laugh along as GGG turns it into a mini-musical! Beginning as Austin’s only all-female improv group, GGG soon added improvised singing and dancing to become Austin’s only musical improv troupe.From there, they started Ladies Are Funny Festival in 2007, the first comedy festival in Austin featuring only female comics and performers.There’s suddenly a lot of UCB ex-pats floating around Cold Towne. NY is soooooooo big, but the concentration is around mainly the UCB.Down here, we are also big, with 5 theaters, but there are specific camps.I like to think we had something to do with that,” says founding troupe member Shana Merlin. GGG has outlasted so many tests and treacheries of life to stay together continuously.It helps that we rehearse weekly and have seen each other through marriages, divorces, online dating, health scares, and the births of 6 babies during our time together. We are a tight-knit sisterhood with all that comes with that,” says troupe member Cynthia Oelkers.

and fellow UCBNY alum) for reaching out and pulling me in to the community.

You moved here not THAT long ago, relatively speaking.

What brought you to Austin in general and Cold Towne specifically? I moved to Austin with my then fiancé now wife for work.

Really anything that Will Cleveland would interject with, he is the perfect sidekick / co-host and I love him dearly.

Chrissy and Carlos’ Universal Studio Employees who worked on the Jurassic Park ride but knew nothing about any other movies and just loved fidget spinners was so fun.

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